New Books and Articles, 2009

Below is a list of the new books and articles on Kenneth Burke or applying Burkean theories that the editors were able to glean from the presses in 2009. This is the most current listing of Burke work available. Articles listed here are in addition to those printed in the KB Journal. Please send other relevant publication information to Elizabeth Weiser,


Ahmed, Rukhsana. "Interface of Political Opportunism and Islamic Extremism in Bangladesh: Rhetorical Identification in Government Response." Communication Studies 60.1 (Jan. 2009): 82-96.

Cooper, Troy B. "Appropriating Visual Form: The iPod “Silhouette” Campaign as Representative Form." Visual Communication Quarterly 16.2 (Apr. 2009): 90-107.

Crable, Bryan. "Distance as Ultimate Motive: A Dialectical Interpretation of A Rhetoric of Motives." RSQ: Rhetoric Society Quarterly 39.3 (2009): 213-239.

Fine, Marlene G. "Women Leaders' Discursive Constructions of Leadership." Women's Studies in Communication 32.2 (Spring2009 2009): 180-202.

Hawhee, Debra. "Kenneth Burke and American Studies: A Response to Giorgio Mariani." American Literary History 21.1 (n.d.): 123-127.

McClure, Kevin. "Resurrecting the Narrative Paradigm: Identification and the Case of Young Earth Creationism." Rhetoric Society Quarterly 39.2 (n.d.): 189-211.

Waisanen, Don J. "A Citizen's Guides to Democracy Inaction: Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's Comic Rhetorical Criticism." Southern Communication Journal 74.2 (Mar. 2009): 119-140.

Weiser, M. Elizabeth. “‘As Usual I Fell on the Bias’: Kenneth Burke's Situated Dialectic.” Philosophy & Rhetoric 42.2 (May 2009): 134-153.

Zappen, James P. "Kenneth Burke on Dialectical-Rhetorical Transcendence." Philosophy & Rhetoric 42.3 (Aug. 2009): 279-301.