5 millioneth attempt at blogging

By dmarado on

So, this is kind of cool. You join the KB site and get a blog space. Not bad. Anyway, I wrote the review of the Killingsworth article and it was posted (hooray me!). I'm wondering if anyone will read this blogeration attempt. Scene: internet/faculty breakroom at Miami University. Agent: Moi.
Act: Yet another attempt to make a blog.
Agency: I act through the interface, I guess. I'm not postive about this one. Maybe an imminent scholar will help me out. How do I act? I act by putting words into a space that I both hope many will view and enjoy and that no one will view and thus will have no evidence by which to incriminate me.
Purpose: To keep me from reading and writing my prospectus. To while away hours while it rains in Oxford.

So, what motivates blogging? I still don't know. I try to do it all the time and end up creating page that clutter up the internet. Does anyone actually read blogs? I guess I read the Synecdoche one by Rebecca Moore Howard. But that has a professional imperative behind it. I'm wondering about the average blogger, do folks take time to read that writer's stuff? Another burning question: what length is a blog entry? I know they can be as long or as short as the writer deems necessary, but is there an accepted length? LOL @ being an undergrad thinker--how long does this have to be?

Ok, back to Anne Francis Wysocki, who btw, does the coolest work in all of the rhet-comp universe.



Of course we read your blog!

. . . it just takes a while sometimes. (-:

But people *have* read your Killingsworth review (several hundred according to our tracker). So way to go.

Here are some useful suggestions for new bloggers that make good sense, Rebecca Blood's "Ten Tips for a Better Weblog":


Of course, here, your audience is (somewhat) predefined for you: Burke-ophiles, rhetoricans, philosophers, writers, and all other sorts of hooligans.