Best Graduate Student Paper Award

Graduate Student draws upon Kenneth Burke ideology to win Prestigious Award

On February 4, Simon Fraser University's School of Communication announced on their website, that student Shivaun Corry has been awarded the title of Best Graduate Student Paper of the Year. She was awarded at the University of Victoria, her paper entitled, "Burke, Re-covenanting, and the Apology for the Residential Schools."

Want to Get Rich? Read Fiction

A Unique blog post ties Literary Novelists into Economy

On January 30, Jeremy Olshan published an article entitled, "Want to Get Rich? Read Fiction." The blog is entitled, "MW Market Watch," and focuses on topics of personal finance, spending and saving, and the economy as a whole. The featured article is personal, yet factual, and you can tell Jeremy has done his research on connected financial success with tools we find in literary classics.

Referencing Kenneth Burke could arguably be his thesis, when he quotes Burke, "Fiction provides us equipment for living."

Susan Sontag Biography Update updates Biographies to reveal a personal connection to Kenneth Burke

On January 29, updated their bio pages to include more in depth facts about the artists featured. Susan Sontag was noted to be an American writer and filmmaker, theorist, and literary icon. In her biography, a personal affiliation with Kenneth Burke is noted, showing her educated reactions to Burke ideology.

The page, as well as links to her work, can be found here.

What we Talk About when we Talk About Orientation

Graduate Student at the University of Nebraska references Kenneth Burke in New Blog Post

In a blog entitled, "Watershed," graduate student Katie McWain posts an article entitled, "What we Talk About when we Talk about Orientation," on January 25.

In it, she addresses orientation, our bearings as human beings, sexual orientation, and other definitions the word "orientation" could be used. As she keeps relating back and back, she eventually goes to the drawing board for orientation, which is the base words of Kenneth Burke.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Analysis

PhD student references Kenneth Burke in her unique movie review.

In her January 24th post on her blog, Emma Bloomfield, a communication scholar and PhD student, gives a movie review to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. She gives background as to where this story comes from (it's based off a book, that was also based off a book (leading back to the Jane Austen original of course)). What's interesting here, is that when the analysis gets going, she ends up connecting Jane Austen to Kenneth Burke.

How to Challenge a Reader's Sense of Reality

Educational Blog post argues with Kenneth Burke thought

On January 26, the educational blog, "Read to Write Stories," was updated with a post entitled, "How to Challenge a Reader's Sense of Reality." In the text, Burke's essay, "Psychology and Form," is referenced heavily to show how easily readers and viewers of art are manipulated. There are connections to television, notably the new Netflix series, "Making a Murderer," and then a layout of a writing exercise is given for teachers to use to students or for a personal writing strengthening exercise.

Wittenberg University web bio staff update!

Wittenburg University updates blog on Professor who references Kenneth Burke

Wittenburg University, on January 23, updated their website to include a blog on Sociology Dr. Keith Doubt. Doubt is sourced as having written and researched to produce many articles on a wide "range of sociological theorists." Kenneth Burke is listed as one of the key theorists under Doubt's study. It is clear that Burkean thought will be themed in his current and future works, and is something to look forward to.

Encyclopedia of Britannica Update!

The electronic source of the Encyclopedia updates to include Kenneth Burke!

On January 26, the Encyclopedia of Britannica updated various search engines on the web. When researching "Art Criticism," you can click on a link to open an alphabetized, "list of Critics." The critics are broken down according to various genres of art, which now includes American "literary" critics. Kenneth Burke is on the list, and when you click on his name, you find a short biography and various links to view and purchase his various works.

Vernacular Discourse updates its definition of Metaphor

The popular dictionary website, Vernacular Discourse, updates its definition of Metaphor to include Kenneth Burke.

Kenneth Burke is officially a definition of the word, "Metaphor." On January 26, the popular definition website, "Vernacular Discourse," updated it's definition of the word "metaphor," to include a quote from Kenneth Burke.

When the page gets to explaining how metaphors "conceptualize and simplify," Kenneth Burke is inserted to better understand how and why metaphors are used.

Penn State McCourtney Institute Staff webpage update!

McCourtney Institute for Democracy provides bios on staff, one in particular referencing Kenneth Burke

On January 22, The McCourtney Institute for Democracy updated their webpage, giving in depth bios to each member of their staff. Debra Hawhee is the Director of the Center for Democratic Deliberation. In her biography that was uploaded on Jan. 22, it states that she is the author of Moving Bodies: Kenneth Burke at the Edges of Language.