KBS 2017 Conference Program

KBS 2017 Conference Program, June 8-11, 2017

East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania

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Program At-A-Glance

Thursday, June 8
12:00pm-5:00pm, Registration
2:00pm, Panels Session A
3:30pm, Panels Session B
5:00pm, Break
6:00pm, Opening Reception (drinks & hors d'oeuvres)
Friday, June 9
8:00am-12:00pm, Registration
8:00am, Panels Session C
9:30am, Panels Session D
11:00am, Making of The Word-Man (documentary film)
12:30pm, Break
2:00pm, Keynote: Ann George
3:30pm, Burke Family Panel
5:00pm, Planetarium
7:00pm, Tom Chapin concert
Saturday, June 10
8:00am-12:00pm, Registration
8:00am, Panels Session E
9:30am, Panels Session F
11:00am, Introducing The War of Words
12:30pm, Break
2:00pm, Keynote: James Klumpp
3:30pm, Memories of KB Panel
5:00pm, Break
6:30pm, KBS Awards Banquet
Sunday, June 11
8:00am, KBS General Meeting
9:30am, KBS Officers Meeting


Thursday, June 8

2:00pm, Democracy & Law (Panels Session A1, Room: Sci-Tech 144)
Karen Walker, “Democratization, Darkening Skies, and Differentiation: Leading the Geospatial Intelligence Community through Technological Change”
Mike Feehan, “Amateurs Versus Professionals: A Dramatistic Overview of the Law of Evidence”
Joseph Redd, “Practical Application of Pentad in Law Enforcement”
2:00pm, Burke's Style and Method (Panels Session A2, Room: Sci-Tech 147)
Jarron Slater, “Kenneth Burke in the Stylistic (Re)Turn”
Nicholas Brown, “'The Hard Lot of the Proverbialist': Reading, and Re-Reading, Burke's Flowerishes”
Annie Laurie Nichols, “Toward a Synthetic Cluster Analysis”
2:00pm, Race & America (Panels Session A3, Room: Sci-Tech 148)
John Flynn, “Demagogues Decoded: Kenneth Burke and the Rhetoric of Dog Whistle Politics”
Allison White, “Metaphor analysis of Frederick Douglass' 7 February 1867 Address to Ypsilanti on Sources of Danger to the Republic”
Naette Lee, “Colin Kaepernick, Black Lives Matter and the Constitution of Biracial Americans as Black.”
3:30pm, On Using “Trouble” with “Recalcitrance” to Study Diversity (Panels Session B1, Room: Sci-Tech 144)
Matthew T. Althouse
Floyd D. Anderson
Lawrence J. Prelli
3:30pm, Historical Perspectives on Burke (Panels Session B2, Room: Sci-Tech 147)
Eamonn McGrattan, “Historiography by Incongruity: The ‘Historical’ Burke and his place in American Intellectual History”
William Schraufnagel, “Three Novelists Important to Kenneth Burke Before 1916: Pater, Dreiser, and Dostoevsky”
David Isaksen, “‘What About Indexing?’ The Case for Indexing as a Powerful Method for Social Analysis”
3:30pm, On Memory & Politics (Panels Session B3, Room: Sci-Tech 148)
Elizabeth Weiser, “Making Space-Time for the Comic Frame in a Tragic Frame World”
Kinjal Dave, “An Attack Ex Nihilo: Interpreting the Signs of the 9/11 Memorial Museum”
Sarah Partlow Lefèvre, “Fencing with Constitutions: A Burkean Analysis of Two Inauguration Day Speeches”
5:00pm, Break
6:00pm, Reception (drinks & hors d'oeuvres, Room: Lower Dansbury)

Friday, June 9

8:00am, Race / Identification / Democracy (Panels Session C1, Room: Sci-Tech 144)
Bryan Crable, “Rhetoric, American Democracy, and Myths of Race: Burkean Insights on our ‘Pre-political’ Foundations”
Leslie Bruder, “‘The Story Behind’: The Greenhorn and the Medicine Man”
Micki Burdick, “In Memoriam of a Cartoon Frog: Pepe as a Rhetorical Icon”
8:00am, Philosophy & Rhetoric (Panels Session C2, Room: Sci-Tech 147)
Robert Wess, “Rhetorical Purification of Rhetorical War: Burke's Philosophy of Rhetoric”
Erik Garrett, “Kenneth Burke, Nietzsche and ‘Battlefields of Thought’”
Evelyn Burg, "Kenneth Burke and Early 20th-Century New Realism"
8:00am, Pop Culture (Panels Session C3, Room: Sci-Tech 148)
Steven Kapica, “The Rhetoric of George Carlin’s ‘I Kinda Like It When A Lotta People Die’”
Casey Berner, “They're the Criminals: We're the Millers as a (Humorous) Factional Tragedy”
Stan Lindsay, “Angels and Demons as Communication Personified: The Incunabula of Logology”
9:30am, Defining / Debating Community (Panels Session D1, Room: Sci-Tech 144)
Cody Hawley, “The Communitarian Motive”
David Payne, “The Dramatistic Imperative of Conflict in Community”
James Beesley, “Resisting Community with Burke and McKeon: Rhetoric and Poetic at Their 1970 Debate”
9:30am, Creating Communities and Overcoming Conflicts in Europe: Juridical and Political Sites of Contest (Panels Session D2, Room: Sci-Tech 147)
Clarke Rountree
Jouini Tilli
Ellen Gorsevski
9:30am, Trump's Presidential Rhetoric (Panels Session D3, Room: Sci-Tech 148)
Ed Appel
Herbert Simmons
11:00am, Making The Word-Man (Featured Panel, Room: Beers Lecture Hall)
David Blakesley
Michael Collins
12:30pm, Lunch (informal complementary lunch, Room: Dansbury Commons)
2:00pm, Ann George (Keynote Address, Room: Beers Lecture Hall)
3:30pm, Burke Family Conversation (Featured Panel, Room: Beers Lecture Hall)
Michael Burke, David Cratis Williams, Elvera Berry
5:00pm, Planetarium
7:00pm, Tom Chapin concert (Location: ESU Pavilion in good weather or Lower Dansbury if it rains)

Saturday, June 10

8:00am, Identification & A Rhetoric of Motives (Panels Session E1, Room: Sci-Tech 144)
Gregory Coles, “Presumptions of Hierarchy and Collapse: Rereading A Rhetoric of Motives”
Kristen Trader, “The Mimetic Rhetoricity of Identification”
Jacob Robertson, “Entitlement and En-Role-ment: Identity, Politics, and Identity Politics as a Rotten Perfecting of Burkeian Identification”
8:00am, Education / Diversity (Panels Session E2, Room: Sci-Tech 147)
Katrina Marks, “Perspectives at Play: Evaluating Conflicts of Islam and Female Empowerment Through Theater-for-development”
Jay Gillen, “Education, Pure Persuasion, and the 2015 Baltimore Uprising”
Kenneth Wright, “Dramatism and Diversity: Scenic Restrictions on Higher Education's Diversity Efforts”
8:00am, Kenneth Burke: Aesthetics, Biography, and Ideology (Panels Session E3, Room: Sci-Tech 148)
Thomas Carmichael
David Cratis Williams
Greig Henderson
Jonathan Butler
9:30am, Bodies / Motion / Action (Panels Session F1, Room: Sci-Tech 146)
Samuel Dunn, “Shifting from Pathology to Neurodiversity: A Motion/Action Analysis of Psychology Testing for ADHD”
Jaclyn Olson, “Embracing Embodiment & Rhetorical Materiality: Burkean Identification in the 1930s & Beyond”
9:30am, Science / World / Universe (Panels Session F2, Room: Sci-Tech 147)
Megan Poole, “The Science of P.D. Ouspensky and Burke's Notion of the Universe”
David Tietge, “Occupational Psychosis: Orientations Toward the Natural World”
Alexander Morales, “Climate Change as a Rhetorical Problem: Scientific Motives of An Inconvenient Truth”
9:30am, Virtual Worlds (Panels Session F3, Room: Sci-Tech 148)
Amy Lea Clemons, “reAction/eMotion: A Burkeian Review of the Poetics of Gifs”
James Zappen, “Affective Identification in China’s Internet Culture”
Jaime Robb, “Community Between the Keys: Identification Practices in the Virtual World”
9:30am, Attitudinal Transformations: In Search of Visual, Literary, and Musical Equipment (Panels Session F4, Room: Sci-Tech 144)
Jean Costanza Miller, “Visual Enactments of Social Order: Overdose Photography and the Rhetoric of Liminality”
Elvera B. Berry, “Kafka, Burke, and the Threat of Failed Equipment”
Paul B. Berry, “Kenneth Burke, Aretha Franklin, and the Act of Performance as Equipment for Living”
11:00am, Introducing Kenneth Burke's The War of Words (Featured Panel, Room: Sci-Tech 117)
Kyle Jensen
Steven Mailloux
Jack Selzer
12:30pm, Lunch (informal complementary lunch, Room: Dansbury Commons)
2:00pm, James Klumpp (Keynote Address, Room: Sci-Tech 117)
3:30pm, Memories of KB (Featured Panel, Room: Sci-Tech 117)
Participants TBA
5:00pm, Break
6:30pm, KBS Awards Banquet (includes dinner at Shawnee Inn & Golf Resort)

Sunday, June 11

8:00am, KBS General Meeting (Room: Sci-Tech 117)
All KBS members welcome
9:30am, KBS Officers Meeting (Room: Sci-Tech 146)
KBS Officers only

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