Video Presentations: 2021 Triennial Conference of the Kenneth Burke Society

Presented at the 11th Triennial Conference of the Kenneth Burke Society, 2021

Rebekah Bennetch, University of Saskatchewan
“That’s Not Funny! Applying Burke’s Comic Corrective to Teaching in a Pandemic”

Maximilian Pietroforte Brichta, University of Southern California
"Rituals of Reconciliantion: On the Formal Linkage of Pop Culture and Piety in Hillsong Church Services"

Yohei Chiba, Chukyo University (Japan)
“Purifying the Aesthetic: I. A. Richards and Kenneth Burke on Interpretation of Errors in Teaching”

Allison Diaz, Texas Christian University
“One Man’s Dream: A Pentadic Study of The Walt Disney Company”

Michael Feehan, Independent Scholar
“Kenneth Burke’s Late Theory of History: The Personalistic and Instrumentalist Principles”

Joshua Hill, Pennsylvania College of Technology
“Re-introducing Augustinian Hope to the Humility of Burke’s Logology: A Probe into Substantial Participation”

Michael David Measel, Clemson University
“The Rhetoric of Kenneth Burke’s ‘One Light in a Dark Valley’”

Rebecca Oliver, University of Alabama
“Redemption and Metaphor: Historical and Present Constructions of Democracy in Joe Biden's Inaugural Address”

Jarron Slater, Brigham Young University
“Suffering as a Catalyst for Creative Acts”

Zari Taylor, University of North Carolina
“‘Crude Magic, But Effective’: A Burkean Analysis of Donald Trump’s 2016 Presidential Campaign”