Michale Seidlinger's, "The Strangest"

Article analyzes modern book by literary author using Burkeology.

Scholar Daniel Lamb's literary blog entitled, "Fangine" posted an article on the 16th of February, entitled, "Navigating Michael Seiglinger's The Strangest." It's a book review of the particularly controversial novel. In his analysis, Lamb draws upon Kenneth Burke's idea that humans are "symbol-using animals" after all. This points to how reality is just our interpretation of life, so how do we know what is really reality? This is a heavy theme in the novel. It's a bit confusing, so a book review like this can help when trying to understand the book if you're going to read it. The article can be found here, along with details on the book so you can find it through the retailer of your choice for purchase and reading.