The Intelligence of Persuasion- a PhD candidate's blog references Kenneth Burke

In his most recent post today, Isaksen draws heavily upon Burkeology

David Isaksen is a PhD candidate in Rhetoric and Composition at Texas Christian University. His blog (started in 2010) gives him experience with online publishing, and updates it regularly with thoughts and projects from his academic work. This morning he posted an article entitled "Arguments and the Structure of Reality: A Beginner's Guide to Perelman, Part III."

The article heavily discusses our understanding and perception of reality, referencing Perelman when he analyzes that, "essentially, you find structures of reality that are already there and then apply them to a specific situation. As Kenneth Burke points out, these structures may only be natural in the sense that a path made through a field is natural."

Isaken also has several other posts from early last year on the front page of the blog as well, where the traces of Kenneth Burke referencing can be found. In his August 2014 post, "Can Neuroscience Make you a Great Leader," he brings Kenneth Burke full circle into his conclusion, quoting, "The quasi-scientific reductionist theories, with their caricatures of perfection, will not only never see it in the first place, but will be so constructed that they never even miss the loss."

It's quite a fascinating read, and today's post, along with the entire blog, can be found here.