CFP [deadline passed]: The Kenneth Burke Society Division of the National Communication Association (NCA), NCA 2006

2006 NCA Annual Convention

San Antonio, November 16-19, 2006

The Kenneth Burke Society Division of the National Communication Association (NCA) welcomes papers and panel proposals for NCA's 2006 convention in San Antonio. Paper and panel submissions should (1) address Burke's theoretical and critical approach; (2) appropriate Burke's teachings to a communication event; (3) situate Burke's ideas with other lines of scholarship; and/or (4) take Burke's scholarship in a new direction. Papers and panels should be organized around the conference theme, of "Creating Sites for Connection and Action." Papers will be evaluated competitively, resulting in a "Top Paper" award and a "Top Student Paper" award. A "Top Competitive Papers" panel is planned. Papers should include a 100-word abstract. Example paper and panel themes are "International Sites of Burkean Connection and Action," "The Internet as a Dramatistic Site of Symbolic Action," and so on. Panels may have the accepted papers posted in advance to encourage conversation.

Scholar-to-Scholar: Interactive Media Formats (posters, laptop displays, experiential activities, etc.) are also invited. Scholar-to-Scholar replaces the Poster Sessions and has been redesigned to encourage alternative forms of presentation, one-on-one interaction, and neighborhoods of knowledge. Submissions should reflect work in process for which the author(s) would like showcase to or obtain feedback from conference attendees. Such work can focus on theory, practice, pedagogy, or other arena of scholarship. Please indicate if your submission would be appropriate for the new Scholar-to-Scholar. Any submissions will be competitively reviewed by the Kenneth Burke Society division, but it may then be scheduled during the Scholar-to-Scholar session to allow you more flexibility in your presentation format. For more information, see the Scholar-to-Scholar call for papers.

The Kenneth Burke Society would also like to invite participants in an Agora session. Such sessions, in general, will focus on freedom of expression within specific contexts. In this way Agora sessions resemble a Burkean parlor. An example issue for such a Burkean parlor is freedom of speech and Burkean critiques about the Patriot Act and privacy (post 9/11). Interested participants should submit their ideas with a brief abstract. Ideas will be evaluated, and accepted ones will be forwarded to NCA's Agora session planners.

Convention guidelines state that participants should submit only one paper, panel proposal, and/or scholar-to-scholar session proposal. Only one paper from any person submitting as first author would be accepted. Details about submitting work are as follows:

Submissions: Submit online using AllAcademic System

Web Address:

Deadline: February 15, 2006

Specify student papers: Yes

Specify debut papers: Yes

Scholar-to-Scholar sessions: Yes

Agora session: Yes

Maximum manuscript length: 15 pages

NCA ~ Kenneth Burke Society

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Department of Communication

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