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I discovered some rather interesting small tidbits of information which
could spin off research projects that are beyond my specialty, but would be
great contributions to Burke scholarship (if they haven't already been

1. *An Introduction to Legal Reasoning* by Edward H. Levi actually
plagiarizes Kenneth Burke's Constitution section of *A* *Grammar of
Motives. *According to Kenneth Burke, the author (Edward H. Levi, even
admitted that he borrowed his concept and a lot of material from Burke's
book (without attribution, I might add), and his excuse was that "you are
not really in my field, therefore it would not have looked good if I had
cited you." This text has become a classic and go-to guide in law schools
(and is still being used very frequently (https://www.amazon.com/
Introduction-Legal-Reasoning-Edward-Levi/dp/022608972X). Some call it one
of the foundational texts in modern legal theory.

Burke mentions this in a letter to Watson in February 1950.

2. Kenneth Burke participated in a broadcast (or two broadcasts). One is
clearly mentioned as occuring at the San Fransisco Scool of Fine Arts April
8th and 9th, 1949. It is possible that there is still a recording of that

It may be the same one he is referring to later in a December 1949 letter.

Like I said, this may have been covered before. In that case, please
forgive me for my rookie mistakes ;)

David Isaksen
University of Agder
University College of Southeast Norway
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