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"I should contend, therefore, that the dialectic process ABSOLUTELY MUST be unimpeded, if society is to perfect its understanding of reality by the necessary method of give-and-take (yield-and-advance)."  PLF 444.
A ponderable contribution to the debate is, "The A.C.L.U. Needs to Rethink Free Speech," by K-Sue Park of U.C.L.A, NYTimes.com, today.
The greatest impediments to free speech, in my view, are voter suppression and the gross gerrymandering of the House, Senate, and presidency. Can''t do anything about the Senate. Why Democrats aren't sceaming bloody murder about two less-than-a-plurality defeats for the presidency in 16 years, and built-in majorities for Republicans in states like PA (13 to 5 Republican delegations, no matter which party gets the most House votes)  beats me. 
Actually, it doesn't. The Democrats' seats are safe, too. Who cares who runs the country!


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Which of these passages from Burke best guide our response to what has occurred in Charlottesville, and what has been said about it?
"The progress of human enlightenment . . . . When you add that people are NECESSARILY mistaken,, . . . that EVERY insight contains its own special kind of blindness, . . . ." ATH 41.
Ann George glossed this statement in her keynote: "Because every perspective is partial, all perspectives necessarily encounter recalcitrance."
". . . A philosophy of being may commit one to open conflict with any person or class of persons who would use their power to uphold institutions serving an anti-social function." P&C 272.
"In selecting his [Hitler's] brand of doctrine as our 'scapegoat,' and tracking down its equivalents in America, we shall be at the very center of accuracy,."


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