[KB] Charlottesville and Burke

Edward C Appel edwardcappel at frontier.com
Wed Aug 16 11:36:29 EDT 2017

Which of these passages from Burke best guide our response to what has occurred in Charlottesville, and what has been said about it?
"The progress of human enlightenment . . . . When you add that people are NECESSARILY mistaken,, . . . that EVERY insight contains its own special kind of blindness, . . . ." ATH 41.
Ann George glossed this statement in her keynote: "Because every perspective is partial, all perspectives necessarily encounter recalcitrance."
". . . A philosophy of being may commit one to open conflict with any person or class of persons who would use their power to uphold institutions serving an anti-social function." P&C 272.
"In selecting his [Hitler's] brand of doctrine as our 'scapegoat,' and tracking down its equivalents in America, we shall be at the very center of accuracy,."


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