[KB] Support Student Travel to KBS 2017

David Blakesley dblakes at clemson.edu
Sat Apr 29 09:37:03 EDT 2017

Dear Burkelers:

Jake Richardson has organized a GoFundMe campaign to help support student
travel to KBS 2017. Here's the message from Jake:

Friends and Colleagues:

> The 2017 Conference of the Kenneth Burke Society approaches, and many
> graduate students who will present original research at the conference need
> financial assistance.

> The Friends of the Kenneth Burke Society is reaching out to scholars and
> teachers in the field of Kenneth Burke studies to help alleviate these
> graduate students' financial burden.
> In partnership with the Kenneth Burke Society, we've set up this GoFundMe
> account for the collection of funds:

> gofundme.com/grad-student-fund-kb-society

> We invite all Burkeans to contribute to this effort. While a contribution
> of any size will help students, the Kenneth Burke Society plans to disperse
> funds in $50 increments as an honorarium to graduate students presenting at
> the conference. A contribution of at least $50 will directly contribute to
> one full honorarium.

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