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Tue Apr 4 09:25:20 EDT 2017

Dear Burkelers:

With Rochelle Gregory, Glen Southergill (*KB Journal *associate editors),
and Jodie Nicotra (special issue editor), I'm pleased to announce the
publication of issue 12.2 (Spring 2017) of the journal. There's some
amazing work in this issue, so enjoy!

Editor, *KB Journal*

*Contents of KB Journal 12.2 (Spring 2017)*

Special Isssue Editor: Jodie Nicotra
*KB Journal* Editor: David Blakesley
Associate Editors: Glen Southergill and Rochelle Gregory

This special includes work developed from presentations first delivered at
the 9th Triennial Conference of the Kenneth Burke Society held in St.
Louis, Missouri, in 2014 and hosted by Saint Louis University. The
conference was chaired by Paul Lynch and Nathaniel Rivers and had has its
focus "attitudes toward technology and technology's own attitude." This
issue of *KB Journal* also includes new work not originally presented at
this conference but developed independently and published here for the
first time.
Articles, Projects, and Poetry in the Special Issue

   - Keynote Address: The Uses of Compulsion: Addressing Burke's
   Technological Psychosis <http://kbjournal.org/nicotra_uses_of_compulsion> by
   Jodie Nicotra
   - Technological Devolution, Social Innovation: Attitudes Toward Industry
   <http://kbjournal.org/weiser-devolution> by M. Elizabeth Weiser
   - Consummation: Kenneth Burke's Third Creative Motive
   <http://kbjournal.org/isaksen-consummation> by David Erland Isaksen
   - Kenneth Burke Digital Archive
   <http://kbjournal.org/kenneth-burke-digital-archive> by Ethan Sproat
      - Kenneth Burke WUSTL Reading, 4 Dec. 1970, Washington University at
      St. Louis <http://kbjournal.org/kenneth_burke_wustl_reading1>,
      transcribed by Adam Humes and Ethan Sproat
      - Kenneth Burke Discussion with Howard Nemerov, 4 Mar. 1971,
      Washington University at St. Louis
      transcribed by Adam Humes and Ethan Sproat
   - Pentadic Leaves <http://kbjournal.org/pentadic-leaves> (poem) by
   Steven B. Katz

Articles and Multimedia Projects

   - When Actions Collide: Motive Constructions Spanning Different Acts
   <http://kbjournal.org/rountree_when_actions_collide> by Clarke Rountree
   - The January 1832 Debate on Slavery in Virginia: Clashing Scenes and
   Terministic Screens <http://kbjournal.org/kuypers_1832_debate_on_slavery> by
   Jim A. Kuyper
   - Burke on Psychodynamic Aesthetics: Forms that Help Us Cope
   <http://kbjournal.org/kock_burke_on_psychodynamic_aesthetics> by
   Christian Kock
   - Indexing: Kenneth Burke's Method of Textual Analysis
   <http://parlormultimedia.com/kbjprojects/isaksen/> (multimedia) by David
   Erland Isaksen
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