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Yes, I'm willing to participate in a panel at KB on Trump's rhetoric, or on the rhetoric, in general, of this painful political season.  I imagine every convention or conference in the communication field, at least, will feature such panels over the next year or two.
As for whether my scheme fits into Burke's "poetic categories": Note my citations in the attachment. There've been even more studies on the burlesque frame in communication since 2003.
And outside of academic journals, lots of articles on Trump's rhetoric have appeared, from David Denby's eloquent put-down in The New Yorker,"The Plot Against America: Donald Trump's Rhetoric," to eulogistic studies, like, "Donald Trump May Sound Like a Clown, But He Is a Rhetorical Pro Like Cicero," by Gene J. Puskar on ThinkProgress.org, and "The Rhetorical Brilliance of Trump the Demagogue," by Jennifer Mercieca on a website named Conversation.com. Mercieca is a communication scholar at Texas A&M, but the website is not a journal. Another positive take on Trump's rhetorical skills is, "What Hillary Clinton Can Learn from Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump," by Marshall Ganz and Hahrie (sp?} Han in The Nation. I already mentioned Fershtman's article. There are, of course, others.
By the way, do we know yet where the next Burke Conference will be held? Last I heard, it might be in PA.
Thanks again, Bob, for reading and responding.





 On Thursday, October 27, 2016 3:10 PM, Edward C Appel <edwardcappel at frontier.com> wrote:

I'll think about the "paper" business. I have two other studies ready to go for the next KB. Can't present three.
Then, again, on my likely appearance at the coming conference, I have to intone, at my stage in life :Lord willing---if I am permitted such an obscurantist reference on an academic listserve!


    On Thursday, October 27, 2016 2:03 PM, "wessr at oregonstate.edu" <wessr at oregonstate.edu> wrote:

 Ed, thanks for your attachment.

You might consider turning it into a paper for the next KBS conference  
to see if Trump provides material to flesh out your "in-between genre"  
enough to give it a place in Burke's "poetic categories." In this  
attachment, Trump seems simultaneously to be object and agent of  
Burkean burlesque--a target of your burlesque and himself an agent who  
burlesques the world.


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