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Greetings, Burkelers!

Some of you may be interested in checking out MOMA's new archive of past
exhibitions. One of them, "The Road to Victory" (1942), KB writes about at
some length in "War and Cultural Life." One of the photographs (slide 29)
shows in the lower-right corner the image KB references in GM to explain
the generative nature of the pentad.


"In an exhibit of photographic murals at the Museum of Modern Art, there
> was an aerial photograph of two launches, proceeding side by side on a
> tranquil sea. Their wakes crossed and recrossed each other in an almost
> infinite variety of lines. Yet despite the intricateness of the tracery,
> the picture gave an impression of great simplicity, because one could
> quickly perceive the generating principle of its design. Such, ideally, is
> the case with our pentad of terms, used as generating principle. It should
> provide us with a kind of simplicity that can be developed into
> considerable complexity, and yet can be discovered beneath its
> elaborations."

—Kenneth Burke, "Introduction," *A Grammar of Motives*. Berkeley: U of
California P, 1969. xvi.


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