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Clarke Rountree rountrj at uah.edu
Sat Nov 28 12:09:42 EST 2015

Dear Burkelers,

You may remember Dr. Jouni Tilli of Finland from the St. Louis and Belgium
conferences. He's been a postdoc at my institution for two months. We've
begun developing a joint book project that requires a lot of help. Although
it's not a Burke project, there are Burke scholars who are good candidates
for contributing to it. We're particularly interested in scholars who are
European or who study European rhetoric.

The concept is simple enough: We're interested in the rhetoric of
immigration (and anti-immigration) surrounding the refugees from Syria,
Iraq, Afghanistan, and the would-be ISIS Caliphate. We want to publish
chapters that analyze the rhetoric of immigration in Europe and the United
States. In particular, we'd like scholars who could write chapters on the
United States, Germany, Hungary, France, Great Britain, Turkey, the
European Union, and other select countries. A final chapter will offer a
comparative analysis that draws upon these individual chapters.

We want each chapter to provide basic background on the political system of
the country and its immigration history and policy to frame an analysis of
discourse from the government and significant political players on the
current immigration crisis. We want to consider how immigrants are
constructed (e.g., as victims, as security risks) and what issues are tied
to immigration rhetoric, such as economic, cultural, social, political,
religious, humanitarian, and security issues.

The challenge is going to be identifying scholars with the background to
pull this off. If you are interested in this project or know someone
(especially Europeans) who might be interested, please let me know. We've
discussed the project with an academic press and I believe we can land a
publisher if we can pull together a good group of scholars.

I hope everyone had a good holiday!



Dr. Clarke Rountree
Chair and Professor of Communication Arts
342 Morton Hall
University of Alabama in Huntsville
Huntsville, AL  35899
clarke.rountree at uah.edu
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