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October 28, 2015, Number 14842

Communication Research and Theory Network a service of the National
Communication Association www.natcom.org/CRTNET
Burke at the edge of the abyss, Barry Brummett

Looking for married daughters for an interview on mother-daughter
communication at NCA, Dr. Aimee Miller-Ott

Participants needed for a study about the experiences of GTA's, Caroline

Barry Brummett, brummett at austin.utexas.edu

Burke at the edge of the abyss

While reading F. Scott Fitzgerald's essay Sleeping and Waking, I can across
this line about death:  "what if all thereafter was an eternal quivering on
the edge of an abyss".  See
p. 4.   Is this close enough to "nervously loquacious at the edge of an
abyss" to interest Burkeans, or is it just coincidence?  They did after all
overlap in time and contacts.  Just putting this out there.

Dr. Aimee Miller-Ott, aeott at ilstu.edu

Looking for married daughters for an interview on mother-daughter
communication at NCA

I am looking to conduct some qualitative research interviews at NCA. In
order to participate, you must be female, married (for no more than 10
years), between 18 and 35 years old, and have a living mother with whom you
communicate regularly. If you are interested in participating, please
contact me at aeott at ilstu.edu. Participants will be entered into a drawing
to win one of the three $50 Amazon.com gift cards.

Please pass along the information to the study to others you know! Thanks!
Please also contact me if you have any questions.

Caroline Waldbuesser, cw403715 at ohio.edu

Participants needed for a study about the experiences of GTA's


This email message is a request for your participation in a project to
investigate the experiences of graduate teaching assistants. By graduate
teaching assistants, the study is referring to anyone that actively teaches
in the classroom as part of a graduate appointment. Participants should
either be the instructor of record for a course or teaching a lab section
of a course. This study seeks to understand the experiences of graduate
students that also teach in order to understand the unique workloads of
these students; therefore, the study needs students that teach in a
classroom to participate.

We believe obtaining a more comprehensive understanding of graduate
teaching assistants experience can inform communication research on the
unique contributions of graduate teaching assistants to the university.
Further, it will inform organization communication researchers on the
experience of temporary employees.

If you wish to assist in the study, please contact Caroline Waldbuesser at
cw403715 at ohio.edu to set up a time for an interview or use the following
link to complete an open-ended questionnaire:

This project [15X243] was approved by the Ohio Univerisity IRB on
[10/26/15]. Pertinent questions or concerns about the research should be
directed Dr. Chris Hayhow, Director of Research Compliance, Ohio
University, (740)593-0664 or hayhow at ohio.edu.

Thank you for your time,

Caroline Waldbuesser,� Principal Investigator

(417-214-5211- cw403715 at ohio.edu)

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