[KB] Educating for Insurgency--a Burkean study of the crisis in public education

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*         --*Educating for Insurgency *is brilliantly conceived and
beautifully written--easily the most perceptive and useful book on education
for freedom I've read in years.*

--Bill Ayers, author most recently of* Public Enemy:  Confessions of an
American Dissident.*

Hello Burke scholars!  I first studied KB as a graduate student in
Comparative Literature in the 80s and have been reading him ever since. I
even had lunch with him once, when he asked me if I could hold his canes
for him so he could go to the lavatory! For the last 25 years I've been a
math teacher in Baltimore Public Schools, learning from the MacArthur Award
winner Bob Moses, an unparalleled leader of SNCC in the 1960s, and now
committed to re-constructing education in America.

My new book, *Educating for Insurgency: The Roles of Young People in
Schools of Poverty,*applies Burke's dramatism to the daily political
questions faced by young people--especially descendants of slaves--in our
public schools. Burke and Bob Moses share a method of inquiry that gets at
the heart of the nightmare our students and teachers are living through,
and they propose, in their own ways, a method of struggle that is dramatic
without violence.

The book treats both some historical and theoretical questions, and also
goes concretely into the daily practices of schools, ending with an
application of the *Rhetoric's* discussion of "courtship" and "pastoral" to
Baltimore's classrooms.

I would be thrilled to involve you serious Burke scholars in the
conversation and organizing work that is coming out of the book's
publication and reception.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy, please go to Educating for
Insurgency <http://www.jaygillen.net/> . Proceeds from that site go to the
young people of the Baltimore Algebra Project, an entirely student-run
non-profit promoting peer-to-peer math education and student self-advocacy.

Here's a review published by the scholar/activist John Duda on
Truthout: Flipping
the Script

Thank you!   Jay

Jay Gillen    gillen.jay at gmail.com
443-248-9032 (cell)
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