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Clarke Rountree rountrj at uah.edu
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Dear Burkelers:

In October I'm hosting an event for the Southern Colloquium on Rhetoric
(SCoR). The subject is adapted to a visit by Dr. Jouni Tilli, a Finnish
scholar who wrote a book analyzing Finnish Lutheran military clergy during
WWII who urged support for fighting the Soviet Union in religious terms.

Typically these events include readings of a few speeches (or other
rhetorical artifacts) and a couple of scholarly articles on the subject.
I'm looking for recommendations on  both scores. In particular, I'm
interested in American (or Western) speeches (pamphlets, etc.) that justify
or oppose war on religious grounds, as well as articles that address the
issue. I have some ideas, but I need more. In particular, I think the
inaugural essay by Bob Ivie in our first issue of *KB Journal* speaks
nicely to GW Bush's use of religion in this way. Obviously, Burke's essay
on Mein Kampf might be used, though it isn't directly on point. There are a
few essays on pacifists, but not a lot on justifying war through religion,
in communication journals (though you can find it in history, political
science, and other places).

Any suggestions?

Also, for those interested in attending, it will be a half-day event at my
institution on October 16th.



Dr. Clarke Rountree
Chair and Professor of Communication Arts
342 Morton Hall
University of Alabama in Huntsville
Huntsville, AL  35899
clarke.rountree at uah.edu
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