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Bob, Richard,

I believe you might be thinking about one of my favorites: "It is precisely because the authority of words cannot be delegated, we might add, that one must watch the 'poetry exchange' to learn what is really going on in the world. The usual 'parliamentary' method of gauging is . . . [when one] draws up a simple questionnaire . . . [and then] tabulates the results. . . . The future is really disclosed by finding out what people can sing about" (ATH 334–35).


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Does anyone remember Burke talking anywhere about popular songs as an
indicator of mass consciousness?

A friend of a friend (see below) thinks he remembers Burke talking
about this but he can't remember where.



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Hi Bob,  Do you know of such a quote anywhere in Burke?  Rich
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Dear MLG-ers,

I am composing a short essay about the chants and songs emerging from
the Black Lives Matter post-Ferguson movement, and I am trying to
track down a quote that I think I recall rhetorical critic-supreme
Kenneth Burke giving us about the importance of popular songs as an
indicator of mass consciousness.

Does anyone out there know which quote I am referring to? And where to
find it?

Joe Ramsey

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