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Thanks for letting us know, Clarke.

I remember Jane Blankenship's Burke scholarship 
as both insightful and useful, especially 
"Kenneth Burke on Ecology" in James Chesebro's collection,

At 07:57 AM 4/29/2015, Clarke Rountree wrote:
>Dear Burkelers--
>I'm sad to repost the news that Professor Jane 
>Blankenship died a few days ago. Jane was a 
>Burke scholar from very early days. I recall her 
>at the 1984 Kenneth Burke Conference--I think 
>she led one of the seminars. She published the 
>first pentadic criticism applied to nonverbal 
>communication (a study of Reagan in the 1980 GOP 
>debates--Actor as Scene). Below is the obituary published on CRTNET.
>NCA National Office (submitter), <mailto:inbox at natcom.org>inbox at natcom.org
>Obituary, Jane Blankenship
>Dr. Jane Blankenship, the 64th President of the National Communication
>Association (1978), passed away on April 24, 2015. Born in 1934 and a
>native of Huntington, West Virginia, Professor Blankenship was a
>graduate of the University of Akron and received her Ph.D. in 1961 from
>the University of Illinois. Her mentor was Marie Hochmuth Nichols, NCA's
>55th President. She was also mentored by NCA's 72nd President, Wayne
>Brockriede, when she served as an assistant for his debate program. Dr.
>Blankenship served on the faculty of Mount Holyoke College's Rhetoric
>and Composition program before moving to the Department of Communication
>at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. During her tenure there as
>Director of Graduate Studies, the university established a Communication
>Ph.D. program. Dr. Blankenship retired as a professor in 1997. Active in
>several of the discipline's associations, she also served as President
>of the Eastern Communication Association.
>Dr. Blankenship received numerous prestigious awards throughout her
>career, including many from NCA - the Golden Anniversary Monograph Award
>(1975); the Robert J. Kibler Memorial Award (1988); the Douglas Ehninger
>Distinguished Rhetorical Scholar Award (1992); the NCA Feminist and
>Women's Studies Division Spotlight Scholar (1994); the Wallace Bacon
>Lifetime Teaching Excellence Award (1997); and the NCA Women's Caucus
>Francine Merritt Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Lives of
>Women in the Field of Communication (2002).
>As part of an NCA initiative to capture the stories of women who have
>been prominent in NCA and beyond, Dr. Blankenship joined other women
>leaders in sharing her personal and professional experiences in an essay
>that is posted to the NCA website 
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