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Thanks, Clarke.  Sorry you did not have more of an audience.  Where was the secondary site for panels?  The Blackstone?  IS there still a Blackstone?  I think the last time I was at an NCA in Chicago, the secondary site was accessed by a shuttle bus.  That would not be helpful for attracting a crowd late in the day.

Any talk yet about the Tenth Triennial in 2017?  Wherever it's held, let's try to get the same caterers St. Louis U. employed.  As Billy Crystal would say, Maaahhhvalous!

Back in Medieval times when I was in college---we all wore a robe with a hood in the cold and damp cathedral--the Fall Semester did not end until mid-January.  You will all be wrapping things up in a week or two or three.  Thinking of you in your travail.




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 Only three people
 attended the panel Camille Lewis, David Payne, and I
 had on unacknowledged references to Burke by
 Weaver, Goffman (and
 other sociologists),
 and Edward Levi. (Appropriately, all U of Chicago
 scholars.) I found it fascinating (with Camille
 adding new insights
 into even Weaver's
 use of Burke). We were in the secondary site late
 in the afternoon, but I wish more could have
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 Appel <edwardcappel at frontier.com>
 > To Whom It
 MaY Concern:
 > Could
 someone who attended NCA in Chicago, especially a Burke
 aficionado who attended the KBS business meeting, clue the
 rest of us in to any developments or topics of discussion? 
 Also, any panels or papers you found particularly
 Inquiring minds want to know.
 > Thanks for sharing, if you choose to.
 > Ed
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