[KB] Announcing KB Journal 10.1 (Summer 2014)

Southergill, Glen GSouthergill at mtech.edu
Wed Jul 23 20:36:16 EDT 2014

Dear Burke scholars,

On behalf of the editorial collective of the KB Journal: The Journal of the Kenneth Burke Society (http://kbjournal.org/), I bear exciting news: volume 10, issue 1 is now available for your review.

KB Journal 10.1 (Summer 2014)

Terministic Screens of Corruption: A Cluster Analysis of Colombian Radio Conversations<http://kbjournal.org/angel_bates_terministic_screens_of_corruption> by Adriana Angel and Benjamin Bates

Rhetoric as Equipment For Living. Part I<http://kbjournal.org/summer2014>

Guest Editors: Kris Rutten, Dries Vrijders, and Ronald Soetaert, Ghent University

  *   Rhetoric as Equipment for Living: Kenneth Burke, Culture and Education – Reflections on the First European Kenneth Burke Conference<http://kbjournal.org/rutten_vrijders_soetaert_introduction> by Kris Rutten, Dries Vrijders, and Ronald Soetaert
  *   In Pursuit of Persuasion: Burke’s Rhetoric and the Artistic Practices of the Painter Frank Auerbach<http://kbjournal.org/pigrum_rhetoric_frank_auerbach> by Derek Pigrum
  *   The Vox Populi in Poems: Ramsey Nasr as Poet Laureate and Public Intellectual<http://kbjournal.org/heynders_ramsey_nasr> by Odile M. Heynders
  *   “If one language is not enough to convince you, I will use two”: Burkean Identification/Dissociation As a Key to Interpret Code-Switching<http://kbjournal.org/haman> by Marco Hamam
  *   Urban Motives—Rhetorical Approaches to Spatial Orientation, Burke on Lynch’s “The Image of the City”<http://kbjournal.org/smolarski_urban_motives> by Pierre Smolarski
  *   Expanding the Terministic Screen: A Burkean Critique of Information Visualization in the Context of Design Education<http://kbjournal.org/bowie_reyburn_visualization> by Anneli Bowie & Duncan Reyburn
  *   “You’re Not Going to Try and Change My Mind?” The Dynamics of Identification in Aronofsky’s Black Swan<http://kbjournal.org/oktay> byYakut Oktay
Who Are You Working For? How 24 Served as Post-9/11 Equipment for Living<http://kbjournal.org/hermann_24> by Laura Herrman

Kind regards,

Glen T. Southergill, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Professional and Technical Communication
Montana Tech of the University of Montana
Associate Editor | KB Journal: The Journal of The Kenneth Burke Society

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