[KB] New Expanded Kenneth Burke Concordance Released: See a copy at the St. Louis Conference

Stan Lindsay slindsa at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 11 13:05:45 EDT 2014

The Expanded Kenneth Burke Concordancewent into publication, just this week, in time to be introduced at the Saint Louis Burke Conference.  The concordance includes digital searches throughout every one of his major books and a huge number of his journal articles on
EVERY SINGLE TERM that Burke found important enough to include in the indexes of his own various books.  Virtually ALL of Burke’s MAJOR CONCEPTS are digitally researched and listed in
this volume.  It contains nearly 10,000
listed terms and over 200,000 page locations.  If you hunt me down at the Saint Louis Conference, I will be glad to let you see a copy of the new concordance, so that you can see for yourself what is in it.  Although, I admit that I am sometimes hard to locate at these things, I can definitely be found from 3 to 4:15 Saturday, since I am presenting a paper in the "Technology in the Academy" session.  The book took 20 years to complete and is pretty pricey ($500.00).  It is expected that the majority of purchasers will be libraries.  However, if you are interested in owning a copy as an individual Burkean, there is a 20% discount ($100.00 off) for members of the Kenneth Burke Society.  One way or another (personally or school library), I am a firm believer that wherever Burkean research is being conducted, this book will become a must-see in completing research.  If you want your library to own a copy, just reply to my email  and I will see that
 your library is contacted.  See you in Saint Louis!
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