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Thanks for setting me straight, Jack.  The reason I surmised that OUR Greg and THIS Greg were the same guy is, Amazon or whatever is confused, too.  Our Greg's Burke book and The Son Also Rises study from Princeton are listed under the same "Gregory Clark."

I wonder who the Gregory Clark is who wrote that Times article?

Thanks, Jack, for the link to the Malcolm Cowley stuff.  We're on safe Burkean ground there!

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 Actually, OUR Greg Clark (BYU) is NOT
 the author of The Sun Also Rises Etc. Nor is he the author
 of the ancestors article. But our Grag Clark is nevertheless
 still a busy boy: he does have another KB book coming out
 soon from U of Chicago Press (no less), and assuming his
 paper/panel proposal is accepted, he'll be at the KB
 Conference in St Louis this summer.
 In other news, check out this reference to another
 Burke-relevant item:
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 After the service yesterday at the U.U. Church of Lancaster
 (PA), I went across the street to the Chestnut Hill Cafe to
 get coffee and read the Sunday Times, as is my wont. 
 The lead article in the Sunday Review section was entitled,
 "Your Ancestors, Your Fate: Surnames Reveal That Social
 Mobility Is Much Slower Than We Think," by an author named
 Gregory Clark.  Clark said the research and findings he
 discussed in the piece were the result of work by
 scholars/scientists at Harvard and Cal Berkeley, yet Clark
 gave indication that he was involved in the study,
 also.  I found the information so important and useful,
 I wrote some quotes all over my church bulletin, in case I
 couldn't come by a copy at, say, Barnes and Noble, where I
 knew the NYT was on sale---if their copies had not already
 been bought.
 Not the case.  I got my Sunday Times, print edition,
 the "Sunday Review" in front of me as I write.  Also by
 my side is Rhetorical Landscapes in America: Variations on a
 Theme from Kenneth Burke, a book by one Gregory Clark. 
 Could it be, I queried, could this "Gregory Clakr," author
 of "Your Ancestors, Your Fate," be OUR Gregory Clark, Burke
 scholar extraordinaire, so gifted a teacher he had several
 students of his deporting themselves with great insight at
 the Clemson Conference, 2011?
 I googled the matter and found that our Gregory Clark has a
 new book out, from Princeton University Press, entitled, The
 Son Also Rises: Surnames and the History of Social
 If anyone, including Clark himself, can clue me in further
 on the research project so compellingly summarized in
 yesterday's paper, and surely expanded on in the book from
 Princeton U. P., I'd be much obliged.
 Really, really interesting.
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