[KB] List of places KB taught/lectured/worked - Wyoming, SFU.

Rick Coe coe at sfu.ca
Sat Feb 15 15:21:29 EST 2014

KB gave a seminar at Simon Fraser University on 1 March 1989.  I have 
both analog and digitalized recordings.

(BTW I also have recordings of an interview I did with Burke at his 
home in New Jersey some years earlier.)

Burke also did a a couple of presentations, not on this list, at the 
University of Wyoming during one of the Wyoming Conferences run by 
Tilly and John Warnock--I can't remember which summer.

Myself, I would find it useful to have this "flash mob" list divided 
into places where Burke gave a lecture or seminar (say, shorter than 
a day) and places he taught courses or longer seminars (say, longer 
than a day).

At 05:46 AM 2/15/2014, David Erland Isaksen wrote:
>I would add Amherst University (according to correspondence I found 
>from his students in the archives).
>On Sat, Feb 15, 2014 at 5:38 AM, David Blakesley 
><<mailto:dblakes at clemson.edu>dblakes at clemson.edu> wrote:
>It would be a long list! In the interest of starting a flash mob 
>solution, here are a few I know of (some of these were lectures or 
>short seminars, so I've noted that where I was certain). I hope 
>people can add to this list and that Ethan will compile the results (! (-:).
>Bennington College
>Brown University
>Central Washington State College
>Drew University
>Emory University
>Empire State College
>Florida International University
>Grinnell College
>Harvard University
>Indiana State University
>Marquette University (lecture)
>Penn State University
>Princeton University
>Purdue University (lecture)
>Stanford University
>University of California Davis
>University of California Riverside
>University of California Santa Barbara
>University of California Los Angeles
>University of Chicago
>University of Florida
>University of Houston
>University of Michigan
>University of Nebraska-Kearney (lecture)
>University of Nevada Reno
>University of Pittsburgh
>University of Rochester
>University of Texas (lecture)
>Washington University
>Wesleyan University
>On Fri, Feb 14, 2014 at 11:54 PM, Ethan Sproat 
><<mailto:Ethan.Sproat at uvu.edu>Ethan.Sproat at uvu.edu> wrote:
>Hello Burkelers,
>Does anyone know of a list of all the schools/universities/places at 
>which KB taught/lectured/worked over his career?
>Ethan Sproat, Ph.D.
>Assistant Professor
>Department of English & Literature
>Utah Valley University
>LA 111d
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