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My first contact with the field of communication was my master's degree work at the University of Delaware, beginning fall semester, 1969.  Early that autumn, Kenneth Burke lectured on campus.  The lecture room was way overheated.  Burke was already becoming something of a loose cannon on the lecture stump, as J. McGowan of UNC describes it in his chapter, "Kenneth Burke: Liberal Pragmatist" (book title: Responsibilities).  I had no idea at the time who Burke was, how he was changing the landscape in multiple fields, or what he was attempting to drill into my mind that afternoon.  My only subsequent contact with Burke at Delaware was a cursory look at Mader's dissertation on William F. Buckley, Jr., done at Northwestern under Leland Griffin.  Buckley was the subject of my master's thesis.

Later, my first year at Temple, I did an independent reading of Burke and found him to be the revelation that he is.

You can add the U. of Delaware to the list of venues where Burke lectured.

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 I would
 add Amherst University (according to correspondence I found
 from his students in the archives).
 On Sat, Feb 15, 2014 at
 5:38 AM, David Blakesley <dblakes at clemson.edu>
 It would be a long list! In the interest of
 starting a flash mob solution, here are a few I know of
 (some of these were lectures or short seminars, so I've
 noted that where I was certain). I hope people can add to
 this list and that Ethan will compile the results (!
 CollegeBrown UniversityCentral
 Washington State CollegeDrew
 UniversityEmory UniversityEmpire State
 CollegeFlorida International University
 Grinnell CollegeHarvard
 UniversityIndiana State
 UniversityMarquette University
 (lecture)Penn State
 UniversityPrinceton UniversityPurdue
 University (lecture)
 Stanford UniversityUniversity of California
 DavisUniversity of California
 RiversideUniversity of California Santa
 BarbaraUniversity of California Los
 AngelesUniversity of Chicago
 University of FloridaUniversity of
 HoustonUniversity of
 MichiganUniversity of Nebraska-Kearney
 (lecture)University of Nevada
 RenoUniversity of Pittsburgh
 University of RochesterUniversity of Texas
 (lecture)Washington UniversityWesleyan
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 Hello Burkelers,
 Does anyone know of a list of all the
 schools/universities/places at which
 KB taught/lectured/worked over his career?
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