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Critical Arts: South-North Cultural and Media Studies

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Call for papers for a themed issue on

The Ethnographic Turn (Revisited)

Guest editor: Kris Rutten
Editorial consultant: Leora Farber

Critical Arts prides itself in publishing original, readable, and theoretically cutting edge articles. For more information on the history and the orientation of the journal, as well as guidelines for authors, and legal and editorial procedures, please visit:http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/authors/rcrcauth.asp
Critical Arts is now published six times annually and has been accepted for coverage in the Social Sciences Citation Index and the Arts & Humanities Citation Index (ISI - Thompson- Reuters) and other indexes.

In 2013 a double special issue of Critical Arts was published on Revisiting the Ethnographic Turn in Contemporary Art (Critical Arts 27.5 and 27.6). Since the 90s an increasing wave of challenging art events occurred that shows significant similarities with anthropology and ethnography in its theorizations of cultural difference and representational practices. At the same time, there has been growing interest in anthropology for contemporary art that started from a problematisation of the different possible ways to communicate ethnographic findings and insights. This interest has been referred to as the sensory turn in anthropology and ethnographic research and is exemplified by anthropologists who are collaborating with artists, by artists who are creating projects generating anthropological insights, and by art projects that are produced as outcomes of ethnographic research.

We are very happy to announce that there will now be an annual themed issue that focuses on the ethnographic turn in art with a specific focus on practice-led research. We invite papers from artists, theorists, researchers and educators to engage critically with the ethnographic perspective in their work. Next to full research papers we also invite contributions that can serve as vignettes - short statements and reflections by artists about their practice. Throughout the themed issues we approach ethnography from a thematic and/ or methodological perspective rather than looking for fixed categories for defining ‘ethnographic art’.

Our aim is to further the critical work on ethnography in relation to contemporary art by specifically looking at authorship, art practices and processes, thereby offering a bottom-up perspective from artists and researchers addressing the question if, why and how an ethnographic perspective is indeed at work. In these practices we are equally interested in to what extent contextualization is relevant when dealing with the display of alterity, diversity and outsiderness. The main focus is on discussions pertaining to the ethnographic turn but we also invite contributions that reflect on artistic practice-led research in a broader sense. The first themed issue is to be published in June 2016.

Submission guidelines:
Deadline for abstracts: Please send your abstracts of 300 words by March 14th 2015 to Kris.Rutten at UGent.be<mailto:Kris.Rutten at UGent.be>.
Notification of selection of abstracts by April 15th 2015.
Deadline for article submission: based on the selection of the abstracts full papers will need to be submitted by July 15th 2015.
Information and instructions for authors: http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/RCRC
Further inquiries about the special issue: Kris.Rutten at UGent.be<mailto:Kris.Rutten at UGent.be>

Alternatively, contact the Critical Arts editorial office at criticalarts at ukzn.ac.za<mailto:criticalarts at ukzn.ac.za> or the editor-in-chief, Keyan Tomaselli at tomasell at ukzn.ac.za<mailto:tomasell at ukzn.ac.za>
Critical Arts Issues published before 2005 can be accessed at the following link:
http://digital.lib.msu.edu/projects/africanjournals/  The Critical Arts Homepage can be accessed at:

To access the previous issues of Critical Arts that were guest edited by Kris Rutten together with An van. Dienderen and Ronald Soetaert, See:

27(6), 2013. Special Issue: Revisiting the ethnographic turn in contemporary art Part 1 URL:

27(5), 2013 Special Issue: Revisiting the ethnographic turn in contemporary art Part 2 URL:


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