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Ah, thanks so much Carol, for the direction and discussion. 

Perhaps it would be best if I could review the posts on the other list... I am widely read and in certain subjects rather ddeply but I am not an academic... and I still type with a little distracting difficulty which will affect my style. Thus, your terms: empirical
 generalization and theoretical EXPLANATION; may meanings as 'terms of art' referencing a speciality while I may normally to use them from a broader or more idiosyncratic frame... or Burkean 'ground'. 

I'll be up for awhile longer if you'd an to et into it.

-David aka wblake' as in 'everything would appear as it is, infinite', lately reading Cassirer on Nicholus of Cusa

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 I'm interested in your
 somewhat cryptic message because on another list I am
 writing on the difference between theory on the
 one hand and "what needs to
 explained" on the other. And involved in that is a
 between empirical
 generalization and theoretical EXPLANATION.
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 I think I can add to this discussion. In
 earlier days I replied to the
 emails I
 received but they went to Ed so to kick off I'd like to
 kb at kbjournal.org as
 an address to the e-list and ask if anyone has looked
 closely into the nature of
 'explanations'. More to follow perhaps.
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