[KB] Burke Primer PDF

Edward C Appel edwardcappel at frontier.com
Mon Apr 21 09:31:49 EDT 2014


	Quite a few scholars in communication and literature have a pdf of my text, Language, Life, Literature, Rhetoric and Composition as Dramatic Action: A Burkean Primer.  The text is being used in undergraduate and graduate classroom instruction in North America and Europe.  I’ve been told it is now in the mix in China, so it may get a foothold in Asia, too.

	I have added two more addenda to that second printing of the book.  One of them smooths out a transition in Chapter 1.  The other contains correspondence I had with Burke relating to Chapter 5, “The Theology of Dramatic Action.”  Anyone who already has that pdf and would like this update, please e-mail me your request.  Anyone who does not have the pdf and would also like to have this update, please get in touch with me, as well.

	My main address, as per this post, is: edwardcappel at frontier.com.

	The pdf is free.  Paperback copies of my second printing, minus the two new addenda, are $18.00, shipping included.


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