[KB] Exhort a machine.

wessr at onid.orst.edu wessr at onid.orst.edu
Wed Apr 9 20:54:39 EDT 2014

It is not a machine passage, but something similar to what you're  
looking for may appear in Burke's argument that behaviorists  
contradict themselves: they say in effect that people are nothing but  
chemicals, yet they would never think of trying to persuade chemicals.

One example of this argument, possibly the earliest, appears in the  
Grammar at pp. 59-60. It is an argument Burke uses repeatedly so there  
are other examples. Another may appear in "Terministic Screens," but I  
don't have it with me to check.

Bob W

Quoting jay gillen <gillen.jay at gmail.com>:

> I am looking for places where Burke discusses the impossibility of
> exhorting a machine. Any help much appreciated!
> Jay Gillen, Baltimore City Public Schools

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